Barcelona - What an experience

Barcelona - What an experience

Barcelona, ​​the city of art, architecture and design.

Going through the old city of Barcelona is a daunting task. It almost takes you back to the Middle Ages, especially Barri Gòtic, which is the Gothic Quarter. Personally, the idea of ​​Gothic has never been appealing to me, but when I stood before the Sagrada Familia church I could not help but looking at the details.

The Sagrada Familia Church is still a way to be complete, but this huge architecture already has such a great presence. It's dark and gothic and I'm joking, as if you're waiting for a bad character to stalk you while you're hypnotized. I later discovered that the building of it had begun in 1882 and it is only expected to be completed in 2026. It is 144 years of Gothic monster in production.

My own place...

I forced myself from the Sagrada Familia Church and continued on my way back to my pleasant living. I think staying in your own apartment while traveling is the best way to go. Okay, so you have no one who does your bed every morning or room service to cater to your every little wish, but you have total freedom.

I'm not a morning person, so for me, do not have strangers around when I'm still trying to wake up is total happiness. Having your own apartment while traveling made me believe I have my own overseas resort, that I lived in another country - a true escape. I felt like a local. Every morning it was to the local cafe for my usual Spanish breakfast, which is coffee, a slice of toast (ok two slices) with apricot jam and churros. Churros, now that's what I call a breakfast piece. A sweet pastry flavor that gives you energy for the day.

A cultural afternoon...

After my nutritional supplement, I went to the train station and started my trip to Figueres. After an hour and fifteen minutes of interesting sightseeing, more within the train than outside, I eventually came and went straight to the Dalí Museum.

Now my knowledge and more is the interpretation of art shocking, but I know I like Salvador Dali's work. Now this museum is not exactly your typical average museum. To begin with, Dalí created this museum itself and called it The Dalí Theater Museum.

The original building was destroyed virtually during the Spanish Civil War, which gave this artistic genius the idea of ​​building its own little trophy case. This was by far the most fascinating museum Ive ever been to. It almost feels like you're in an artwork.

The nature of this museum is that it almost forces you to take your time to enjoy and take in every detail. What I liked most about Dali's work is that the longer you watched the more you would see. My favorite was the painting of his wife Gala, called the Galatea of ​​the Spheres. I spent most of my day on this piece, its detail was fascinating. After a really relaxed walk through the remaining rooms, I eventually led back to Barcelona for a well-deserved evening meal.

A Spanish dinner...

The train trip back felt like always, but I think it was more my lazy mood than the journey itself.

Back in Barcelona, ​​I decided to try the cafe near my apartment for a real Spanish dinner. Seafood is served with rice and green salad, and of course it is a light desert of flan (Spanish vanilla casserole). When I was in my last bite of the desert I could not help but noticing that the closer the clock came to midnight, the more lively street became.

The Spanish is known for being nuggets, something I did not find it hard to go with. I started with the local barman who explained to me with his heavy Spanish accent that there was nothing unusual in his culture for the family to go to bed only after midnight, that was the norm. When I filled my glass with more red wine I went with the locals and really did not try to hang out with the conversation. But everything was lost, because the Spanish speak with the same passion they live alive.

After losing the bill of my wine intake, I decided it was time for me to go back to my own place for the convenience of my own Barcelona apartment. It's really the best way to enjoy your time away from reality.

Accommodation that makes it feel as usual. That this really is part of your life, that you own your own home away from home.

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